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We’ll detect and identify the reason for your blocked pipes and use our specialised equipment to literally blow the blockage away. No blockage is too hard for our plumbing experts.

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Revitalise your piping with pipe relining. A brand new cost effective way to keep your existing pipes and not having to dig! Pipe relining puts a pipe in your existing pipes!

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We’ve seen it all, we guarantee a professional, effective blocked drain service, eliminating your blocked drain issues once and for all!


Our team of professional, experienced plumbers as well as our fleet of well equipped plumbing vans can provide you with a fast blocked drain service, Sydney wide. We use the best in pipe unblocking technology that helps identify and permanently remove a blockage from your pipes. No more overflowing drains or blocked toilets, we’ll take care of it once and for all.


Blocked drains can be plumbing nightmares. Blockages can happen without your knowledge and you only tend to notice once your drains start slowing down or overflowing with water and other nasties. Some blocked drains are fast and easy to fix with the use of some commercial grade drain chemicals to burn away the blockage or a simple plunger manipulated the right way. Unblocking blocked drains and pipes can become complex, or harder to fix when the blockage is further down your pipes.

There can be many causes of blocked drains and pipes, the most common problem being a build up of solid material restricting the flow of water and causing water to bank up, creating an overflow. Specialised plumbing equipment can be used to identify the cause of blocked drains using CCTV cameras. Once the cause of the blockage is detected, your expert plumber can devise a plan of action for the best way to go about removing the blockage. A common way to unblock stubborn blockages would be the use of a high pressured drain jetter, this spits water out at a powerful pressure, obliterating the most difficult to remove blockages and making way for a perfect, steady flow of water once again.


Another major cause of blocked pipes and drains are from no fault of your own, but tree roots growing into your pipes. Like most things, pipes get old and lose their structural capability and are more susceptible to tree root penetration. When a tree root is causing your blockage, it was most common for the blockage to firstly be identified and then the pipes manually dug up to remove the blockage, which can be a very time consuming and costly process.

Today, new sophisticated techniques are being used to make pipe repairs easier, faster and cost effective. Pipe relining is an innovative way to retain your current pipes without digging. A newer pipe is implanted within the existing damaged pipe, creating a whole new pipe and free passage for your drains.


Call our friendly customer service team and book a convenient time for yourself to have one of our expert plumbers attend your property. Our plumber will investigate the cause of the issue and blast your blockage away, your drains will be back to normal in no time.

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